Our Philosophy: Make Technology Work for You, Not The Other Way Around.

We were promised a simpler life through technology. Having portable computers and gadgets and constant access to information was supposed to give us all the things we want instantaneously. It was promised that this would improve our lives. Instead, now we have more things to carry and keep track of, and we are busier because our bosses and customers expect instant replies 24-7. Even if this isn’t your story, you are probably like many of us who are addicted to constantly interacting with our phones and gadgets and checking social networks.

Our goal is simple: to enable a return to a more balanced life by taming technology to work for us. The software we build, the websites we develop, and the projects we work on are all opportunities for us to simplify our relationships with technology in the way our users use them and also in the way build them.

We commit to creating products and providing services that enhance our relationships and help keep our commitments to our clients, our community, and ourselves.

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